Idebenone – How it works for skin care?

Idebenone is a synthesized Coenzyme Q10 derivativesis that exsits in the form of orange powder. As a popular antioxidant drug, it was originally used for Alzheimer’s disease.  Due to its good antioxidant properties, Idebenone is widely used as anti-aging and skin care ingredient these years. How Idebenone works for skin care? It is mainly because of the following functions in skin care products.


  • Idebenone is a good free radical scavenger with anti-oxidation function.  Ideben protect the skin from damage by swallowing the free radicals that cause skin aging, delay the loss of skin collagen, and provide the energy required for skin metabolism, making the skin firm and smooth.
  • Idebenone Inhibits lipid peroxidation. Low-concentration of idebenone shows stronger antioxidant activity than with ascorbic acid (>20mol/L), a-tocopherol (100rtmol/L) and glutathione (50tzmol/L). It can effectively inhibit the formation of lipid peroxides.
  • Idebenone Inhibits inflammation.  It is reported that  0.5~mol/L of idebenone can significantly reduce the degree of apoptosis induced by diethyl maleate and hydrogen peroxide, thereby inhibiting the occurrence of inflammation and improving tissue repairing ability.
  • Idebenone Inhibits DNA damage. Studies have shown that Idebenone significantly reduces the damage of UVB to DNA. It is with better effect than coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid or vitamin C.
  • Idebenone Inhibits light damage. It is reported that idebenone has better effect on inhibiting light damage  than vitamin E, kinetin, coenzyme Q10 and α-lipoic acid
  • Idebenone inhibits melanin production. Studies show that low-concentration idebenone still effectively inhibiting the formation of melanin and prohibit hyperpigmentation caused by ultraviolet radiation.

All the above advantages of Idebenone makes it a good ingredients for skin care. It is widely used to improve microcirculation and leaves skin glowing with health. Reminder: Do not buy Idebenone raw material directly to use, consult your doctor and choose the right product for skin problems.

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