Medicines used for the Treatment of Body Ringworm

Ringworm, also called tinea cruris, is a common fungal infection that can cause a red or silvery ring-like rash on the skin on arms and legs as well as all parts of the body sometimes. A ring-like red or silvery rash on your skin is typical symptom of body ringworm. Patients usually feel scaly and itchy on the skin.  Below we introduce common medicines used for the treatment of Body Ringworm.

Topical therapy Body Ringworm

External drugs are commonly used for the treatment of Body Ringworm. This types of drugs, mainly acid drugs, are with keratin dissociation function, which are helpful to cure.  Imidazole antifungal drugs are with wide antifungal spectrum and fast action. Propylamine drugs has the characteristics of short course of treatment, high curative effect and low recurrence rate.
  • Acid drugs such as salicylic acid, benzoic acid, glacial acetic acid (10%), undecenoic acid and peracetic acid (3%) are widely used in clinical practice. This type of drug should be used with caution in delicate skin.
  • Imidazole drugs such as miconazole nitrate cream ,1% ~ 2% ketoconazole cream, 1% bifonazole cream or solution, etc., are used 1~2 times a day for external use. Ringworm can be cured after using for 2~4 weeks usually.
  • Propylamine drugs  such as 1% terbinafine ointment or solution are widely used for ringworm treatment too.  It usually takes 1~2 weeks.
  • Morpholine drugs such as 0.5% amoprofen cream are used once a day, and it takes about 2 weeks.
  • Other drugs such as  ciclopirox olamine ointment and compound preparations can also be used especially for patients with obvious inflammation and severe itching

Systemic therapy for Body Ringworm

Oral drugs can be used for treatment of generalized Ciclopirox Olamine, but not as the first choice.
  • Itraconazole:orally 100mg/d for 15 days or 200mg/d for 7 days.
  • Ketoconazole: orally 0.2g/d and taken during meals for 2-4 weeks. ‘
  • Griseofulvin tablets: iorally for adults 0.6~0.8g/d in 2~3 times. Take it after meals for about 4 weeks.
  • Fluconazole: once a week, 150mg each time, and the course of treatment is 3 weeks.
  • Terbinafine: orally administered 250mg/d for 2 weeks. Or 250mg/d orally for the first week and 250mg every other day for a total course of 3 weeks.

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