Side Effects and Drug Interaction of  Agatroban

Argatroban is clinically used to treat the neurological symptoms of patients with acute ischemic cerebral infarction within 48 hours of onset, and help to improve in daily activities. However, Argatroban might cause some side effects that doctor and patients show pay attention to.Here we introduce potential side effects and drug interaction of  agatroban.

Side Effects of  Agatroban

  • Argatroban may cause different kinds of bleeding;
  • Argatroban may cause breathing difficulties;
  • Argatroban may cause hypotension and fever Diarrhea, abdominal pain and sepsis, pain and problems with urinary tract infections and vomiting;
  • Argatroban may cause atrioventricular block and ventricular tachycardia.
Tips: Argatroban can be used to treat unstable angina pectoris, if the patient still has angina pectoris after stopping the medication, aspirin tablets should be given in time to reduce the chance of angina pectoris.

Drug Interaction of  Agatroban

In addition to paying attention to side effects when using argatroban, it is also necessary to understand the drug interaction.
  • When argatroban is combined with warfarin, pharmacokinetic interactions may occur, which can lead to prolonged prothrombin time.
  • Argatroban used together with other anticoagulant drugs can increase the risk of bleeding.

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