We are China supplier of Desmopressin Peptide raw material, an anticonvulsant and anxiolytic medication used for the treatment of epilepsy, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and generalized anxiety disorder. Send us enquiry for Desmopressin Peptide price if you are looking for suppliers online.

Desmopressin Quick Details

  • Peptide Name: Desmopressin
  • Payment Term: TT/LC
  • Intercom: FOB/CIF
  • MOQ:50 grams
  • Price: Please send enquiry

Desmopressin Detail Information

  • Peptide Name: Desmopressin
  • Theraputic Indication: Urinary system drugs
  • CAS NO: 16789-98-3
  • Standard: In-house/EP/USP
  • Molecular Formula:C46H64N14O12S2
  • GMP:○
  • DMF:●
  • CEP: /

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