Atorvastatin Calcium

Inopha is supplier of Atorvastatin Calcium API powder, raw material of  statin medication used to prevent cardiovascular disease in those at high risk and to treat abnormal lipid levels. Contact us to get Atorvastatin Calcium price online from GMP manufacturer if want to order it from China.

Atorvastatin Calcium Quick Details

  • API Name: Atorvastatin Calcium
  • Payment Term: TT/LC
  • Intercom: FOB/CIF
  • MOQ:1 kgs
  • Price: Please send enquiry

Atorvastatin Calcium Detail Information

  • API Name: Atorvastatin Calcium
  • Theraputic Area: HMG-CoA inhibitor
  • Molecular Formula:2(C33H34FN2O5).Ca
  • Molecular Weight:1155.34
  • CAS Registry Number:134523-03-8
  • Standard: EP/USP/In house
  • GMP:●
  • DMF:●
  • CEP:●

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